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Our Naturo range is currently available for delivery throughout Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. Unfortunately, zonal charges apply to items going to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This is dependent on the number of boxes and the weight of each box. For International Order deliveries and further queries please email us directly at

Delivery is free on orders over £35/€40. For orders this amount or below there is a £7.50 delivery charge.

We are sorry to hear your order has arrived damaged. At Naturo we are committed to giving you the best possible products. Should any product purchased from be found to be faulty or damaged in transit, we will be pleased to arrange to either refund or replace the product.

When claiming for damaged items, please ensure the damaged goods and packaging are kept in the condition they were in at delivery in case inspection is needed. Where a damage inspection is needed for perishable goods, please take and keep a photograph of the time of arrival for inspection. Damaged in transit returns should be notified to within 48 hours. Please supply us with the best before date and batch code number along with your order reference number when contacting us through

We are sorry to hear you have received the incorrect product. Please contact us via email at where one of our team will assist you.

Please get in touch with us at and let us know which product you would like, the quantity, and the desired delivery address. We also have distributors worldwide if you prefer to purchase in person. We can let you know your nearest provider at the same email address.

Online orders to be delivered to Northern Ireland and Ireland are delivered by DPD Ireland. Your tracking number can be used on their site at

Online orders to be delivered within GB will be delivered by DPD UK. Your tracking number can be used on their site at
*In extenuating circumstances other couriers may be used such as Royal Mail, Evri & UPS.

Online Delivery

This is due to our extremely fast turnaround time you are unable to amend or cancel your order once it has been placed. This allows us to pack orders as quickly as possible once received. 

To complete a purchase from our website, you can either check out as a Guest or Create an Account. The benefits to creating an account include getting 10% off your first order, being able to join our Subscribe & Save programme to receive 5% off every order, and being rewarded through our Pawsome Perks loyalty scheme.

Your items may be packed into more than one box depending on the quantity and weight of goods ordered. While our couriers strives to deliver orders with multiple parcels at the same time, this cannot be guaranteed.

On occasions, they may have multiple drivers covering the same area on the same day. If one van is full, they may have to split orders over multiple vans.

They will always endeavor to deliver to the 3-4 day turnaround but there is a small possibility that one parcel may arrive on Day 3 and another parcel on Day 4. Please wait until day 3 before contacting Customer Services on

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a discount for bulk orders or a breeder’s programme. You can save money regularly by getting 5% with our Subscribe & Save service. 

Absolutely! Just give us a call on 0800 433 45221800 300 345 to speak to one of our colleagues who can process an order for you over the phone if you prefer this method of ordering. Please note you will still need an email address to complete phone orders.

Due to the quick turnaround of our online ordering service, wrong orders cannot always be accommodated. Please contact us via email at where one of our team will check if we are able to correct your order before it departs our warehouse.

Second Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that most banks have introduced as an extra requirement used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are.

Text based authentication interacts directly with a user’s phone. The site sends the user a unique one-time passcode (OTP) via text message. A user must then enter the OTP back into the application before getting access. 

Switching to Naturo

Thank you for choosing Naturo for your pet, sampling may not always be possible however, if you are interested please contact us on and our team will be in touch. 

Due to nutritional deficits in low-quality pet foods pets may be more likely to develop health problems.,  Feeding your pet a high-quality food, such as Naturo, will help reduce that risk keeping your pet healthy throughout its life.

To switch from a different brand of pet food to Naturo, gradually introduce Naturo over a 3-7 day period. You should do this by increasing the amount of Naturo whilst reducing the amount of your pet's old diet at each mealtime until you are feeding only Naturo.

The choice is up to you entirely! The first time you need to consider is if your pet has any allergies to grain, gluten, or other ingredients. If your pet has an allergy to Grain, we recommend our Grain Free range however there are many benefits to our With Rice range as well. 

Please check the Naturo Feeding Guide to see the recommended daily amount.

Our Recipes

Naturo's Wet Dog and Cat Food have a unique cooking process. Less cooking time is required, therefore, protecting the goodness of our ingredients. This process could be compared to steam cooking. This is how we keep all our food completely natural and preservative-free whilst maintaining a long shelf life.

We work closely with all our suppliers,  and we keep a close eye on what ingredients we receive. If they do not meet our requirements, we simply will not accept them. The majority of our supply is locally sourced, where possible. All products used are fit for human consumption and can be traced back to the source. 

As with humans, vegetables provide essential natural fibre to promote healthy digestion and boost energy levels. You can see the specific ingredient benefit for every fruit, vegetable, grain, and meat we use here.

Alongside our products all having a high meat content, they are also packed full of other ingredients that benefit your four-legged friend, as well as added vitamins and minerals. You can see our full Ingredient List here. The remainder of the product is made up of water, it makes the food juicier and naturally appealing for your pet and is also an excellent source of hydration.

Kelp is a seaweed which provides a natural source of fibre and has concentrated sources of minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine.

As with humans, vegetables provide essential natural fibre to promote healthy digestion and boost energy levels. You can see the specific ingredient benefit for every fruit, vegetable, grain, and meat we use here.

Naturo is a natural Grain Free Cat Food. Our Cat Food also contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is 100% natural.

There are no added sugars in the Naturo range. We use the best quality natural ingredients with no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

All meats and fats in our natural pet food range come from animals fit for human consumption, which can be traced back to the source. We work closely with all our suppliers, with each delivery inspected before they are approved.

Taurine is important for cat's eyesight, heart function, bile formation, and reproduction.

Health Concerns

Naturo has a range of Grain Free Dog Food, and our Cat Food range is Grain Free as well. Our recipes containing rice are also Gluten Free as rice, in all forms, does not contain gluten.

Our Naturo Grain Free range is developed for Dogs with more digestive or allergy sensitives. We would suggest feeding alternative proteins such as Fish, Turkey or Duck as well as Chicken, as this may be more hypoallergenic than choosing to feed Chicken alone.

We currently offer a low fat Wet Dog Food; Light Chicken with Rice and Vegetables. This has 40% less fat. You can find it here

Naturo is a hypoallergenic, 100% natural dog and cat food. Our recipes are made with natural ingredients without artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives. For these reasons, Naturo is a good choice if your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach. However, if your pet is allergic to a particular ingredient, specified by your vet, you should check the full list of ingredients of each product to before purchasing or feeding. Our Grain Free and Grain & Gluten Free ranges were made with allergy sensitive dogs in mind.

It is of course best to feed the best life stage diet possible, and our Puppy Food is better for the growing dog due to the increased protein we have in our Puppy recipe. We would expect no adverse consequence from the inadvertent use of a diet designed for an Adult dog. If there is any doubt about your pup being well, please contact your vet and have your dog examined for any signs of ill health. Better safe than sorry!

In our Puppy food, the protein is higher, and the vitamins and minerals added are also different from the Adult recipe to compensate for higher levels required for growing and developing dogs. If you wish to feed our Adult range to your puppy, we advise consulting your trusted vet first for their expert medical opinion.

Absolutely. The standard advice for weaning is to use a quality digestible food formulated for the early growth period, which in dogs is massively accelerated compared to that in babies. The Naturo Puppy food has all the growing pups need.

All Naturo Natural Pet Food products are classed as a complete food because they include all the vitamins and minerals your dog requires to be happy and healthy, including their teeth! This means you don’t have to add anything else to their meal for their teeth unless you prefer to do so.

If your pet suffers from kidney disease, you should always consult and follow the advice of your trusted veterinarian. We have customers that use Naturo as a topper for their prescription food in order to increase the palatability for their pet, but they are doing so on the advice or approval of their vet. Always consult your veterinarian with any medical questions you have about your four-legged friend.

Pancreatitis in dogs can be a painful condition, especially in the period immediately after eating. It is believed that restricting the fat/oil content of the food minimises this post-prandial discomfort. There are fully balanced complete veterinary prescription diets specifically designed for dogs with pancreatitis, but not all dogs will take those readily. It is possible to achieve the low fat requirement using Naturo petfood by aiming for a fat/crude oil level of around 7%. This means diluting Naturo with further carbohydrates such as potato, rice, or pasta. A simple maths calculation will allow the determination of the amount of carbohydrate to add. For example, if the wet food crude fat/oil level is 14% then mixing in carbohydrates at 50:50 will create a safe level. However, you should always consult your veterinarian with any medical concerns you have.

The key to stable diabetic management is to be consistent in quality and timing of feeding (according to the regimen recommended by your own vet).

A digestible quality diet like Naturo with no added sugars will make stabilisation easier and more robust long term. The specific flavour is not important, as long as they will regularly eat it.

Some dogs can be very difficult to encourage appetite-wise, especially at specific times, so the extra palatability of any of the Naturo range should assist in that regard.

Occasionally, dogs need a specific diabetic diet - you need to check with your own vet whether your four-legged family member may be one of the minorities.

General Queries

At Naturo we are constantly making changes to improve our sustainability, and over 88% of our products are made from recycled materials. 

Our dry bags, trays, cans, shrink wrap, multi-pack boxes, and cardboard sleeves are all recyclable. Plastic packaging can be recycled at larger stores or some local kerbsides. Currently, our foil lids and pouches cannot be recycled. 

Naturo will continuously and proactively assess our packaging within our sustainability focus. We will explore new products and their usage to align with our sustainability ambition and fully engage in the drive to create enhanced solutions. 

Naturo natural wet dog and cat food have a shelf life of 24 months. Naturo dry food has a shelf life of 18 months from production. If you have a specific product query, please get in touch with us at

Any uneaten food can be placed in a sealed container in the fridge and served the next day and up to 72 hours (Tray) or 24 hours (Cans) after opening if it is stored per packet instructions.

There might not be a need to freeze Naturo products as the refrigerated storage of the opened product is 72 hours. Therefore any uneaten food can be placed in a sealed container in the fridge and served the next day. However the products can be frozen, we would recommend defrosting them thoroughly before feeding to the pet, although we would not suggest freezing as it may reduce the quality/appearance of the product once thawed.

Naturo is a cooked pet food It is gently steam cooked within the tray or can, and is best enjoyed by your pet when served at room temperature.

Naturo Pet Food can be warmed slightly in the microwave if desired.

Guidance for warming Naturo Natural Wet Dog Food:

Completely remove the foil lid from the tray, or remove the contents from the can, and microwave for 35–45 seconds, leaving to stand for 1 minute before serving. Check that the food is not too hot for your dog to eat. Do not reheat. Consume within 12 hours after heating.

Guidance for warming Naturo Natural Wet Cat Food.

Completely remove the foil and microwave for 25 seconds and leave to stand for 1 minute before serving. Check that the food is not too hot for your cat to eat. Do not reheat. Consume within 12 hours after heating.

Our kibble averages at 10mm x 10mm for adult and senior dry food - Because there is fresh meat inside the kibble and it is a natural product, so variance in size is expected. 
Our puppy kibble averages 5mm x 8mm.

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