Naturo's Exciting Show Season of 2024 so far!

Naturo's Exciting Show Season of 2024 so far!

At Naturo Natural Pet Foods, we are always thrilled to meet our customers face-to-face, share our passion for premium pet nutrition, and showcase our latest innovations. This year has been particularly special so far as we have attended several prestigious shows: The Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show 2024, Crufts, Interzoo, and The Balmoral Show. Each event provided us with the opportunity to connect with pet owners, industry professionals, and pet lovers from around the world. Here’s a recap of our adventures and highlights from each show - 

The Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show 2024

The Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show 2024 kicked off our show season with a bang. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, this event attracts outdoor enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. Our team was excited to introduce visitors to our new packaging and stand design, which received fantastic feedback for its vibrant and modern look.

One of the biggest attractions at our stand was our prize wheel. Visitors could spin the wheel for a chance to win a variety of great prizes, including samples of our dry and wet food, mystery gifts, a month’s supply of Naturo food, and exclusive merchandise. The prize wheel added an element of fun and excitement to our booth, and it was heartwarming to see so many happy faces walking away with their prizes.

We also took this opportunity to educate pet owners on the benefits of our natural pet food range. Many visitors were impressed with the high meat content and the addition of nutritious ingredients like blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cranberries. Overall, the show was a fantastic start to our season, and we were delighted with the positive response from attendees.


Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, is always a highlight of our calendar, and this year was no exception. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, Crufts is a celebration of all things canine, attracting dog lovers from across the globe. Our new stand design made its Crufts debut, standing out with its sleek and inviting appearance.

The prize wheel was once again a huge hit, drawing in crowds eager to try their luck and win some Naturo goodies. We gave away a mix of our premium dog food, surprise gifts, and branded merchandise, much to the delight of visitors. It was a joy to see so many happy dogs sampling our food and hearing their owners’ positive feedback.

Crufts also provided us with a platform to discuss the importance of natural nutrition for dogs. We shared insights on how our products support healthy digestion, strong immune systems, and overall well-being. Meeting so many passionate dog owners and their furry companions was an incredible experience, and we left the event feeling inspired and energized.


Interzoo, held in Nuremberg, Germany, is the leading trade fair for the international pet industry. Unlike our other shows, Interzoo is geared towards industry professionals, providing us with the perfect opportunity to network and showcase our products to a global audience.

Although we didn’t have our prize wheel at Interzoo, we still made a significant impact with our new packaging and stand design. The response from distributors, retailers, and fellow exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive, and we were able to forge valuable connections that will help us expand our reach and continue delivering high-quality pet food to more pets worldwide.

Our team had insightful conversations about market trends, innovations in pet nutrition, and the future of the industry. Interzoo was a fantastic opportunity to showcase Naturo on an international stage and to learn from other leaders in the pet industry.

The Balmoral Show

Our most recent show was The Balmoral Show in Northern Ireland, a beloved agricultural event that attracts families, farmers, and pet lovers alike. This year marked a special milestone as we unveiled our new packaging and stand design to the local audience.

The prize wheel was, once again, a crowd-pleaser, with visitors eagerly spinning for a chance to win fantastic prizes. We gave away a variety of Naturo products, ensuring that attendees could experience the quality of our food firsthand. It was wonderful to see so many local pet owners excited about our brand and to hear their positive feedback.

At the Balmoral Show, we emphasized the importance of natural ingredients and balanced nutrition for pets. Our team enjoyed discussing the benefits of our products with visitors and hearing their own stories and experiences with their pets.


This year’s show season has been an incredible journey for Naturo Natural Pet Foods so far and we are excited to see what the remaining shows have in store for us. Each event above provided us with unique opportunities to connect with pet owners, industry professionals, and fellow pet lovers. We were thrilled to showcase our new packaging and stand design, and the enthusiastic response from attendees has been truly gratifying.

As we look back on these experiences, we are filled with gratitude for the support and enthusiasm we’ve received. We are committed to continuing our mission of providing high-quality, natural pet food that promotes the health and well-being of pets everywhere. Thank you to everyone who visited us at these shows – we can’t wait to see you again next year!

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