Bought your dog a birthday present? Made them a hot water bottle because it’s a little chilly? Given your other half a look of death when they tried to remove them from the sofa?
Here at Naturo we know better than anyone that our dogs are no longer just “man’s best friend”, they’re now a fully-fledged member of the family.
We want nothing more than to see them happy. However dogs, just like us, can have allergies, experience upset tummies and dislike certain foods which can leave them lethargic and under the weather.
At Naturo we’re on a mission to stop this. We want to see every dog happy, healthy and full of energy – by cutting out processed pet foods and embracing wholesome natural dog food filled with 100% natural ingredients.  So why should you make the change to natural dog food? Here’s our top 3 reasons …

1. Say no to processed ingredients

Checking out the ingredients list on some dog foods can be a real eye opener. From animal by-products to preservatives with names you can’t even pronounce, there’s often not a single ingredient fit for human consumption. We all know that a balanced diet is key to our own health and wellbeing and the exact same is true for our dogs. Take the time to read the ingredients list and watch out for terms you don’t understand.  For a full breakdown of the ingredients in our natural dog food click here.

2. Perfect for sensitive dogs

For dogs with sensitivity issues and allergies, natural dog food containing no added colours, flavours or preservatives, can make all the difference. Shelley and her dog KC made the change to Naturo for the better, “KC had a health problem in the past with her skin from itching.  We realised it was wheat causing the bald and scratchy patches.  After one month of KC being on natural dog food her skin’s a lot better, she’s not itching as much, her coat’s good.  She loves it.”

3. Increased energy levels

A healthy mix of quality sourced proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates will improve your pet’s energy levels whilst maintaining a healthy weight. Just think how good you begin to feel when you follow a healthy diet and cut out processed foods.
Fiona and her dog Tia switched to Naturo natural dog food four weeks ago, “Tia’s very sensitive to anything with any additives or chemicals in it. Since she’s been on Naturo her stomach has been settled, her stools are firm and she’s been full of energy.”

To see how Naturo natural dog food can boost your dog’s health and wellbeing click here