Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is your standard online order delivery service?

Our Naturo natural pet food range is currently available for delivery throughout Mainland UK and Ireland. Unfortunately zonal charges apply to items going to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This is dependent on the number of boxes and the weight of each box. For International Order deliveries and further queries please email us directly to;

What are your delivery costs?

Delivery is Free to Mainland UK and Ireland on all orders over £29.  For orders £29 or below we apply a £5.50 delivery charge.  Our online orders are delivered by DPD Ireland. Your tracking number can be used on their site at Please note, your tracking number will not work on DPD UK. Please email us directly with any queries on international shipping charges by clicking here.

Naturo is a natural pet food, what does this mean?

Naturo's natural dog and cat foods are made with 100% natural ingredients. This means we only use wholesome all natural ingredients. We ensure full traceability for our meats to the farm and we use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in our foods.

What is the shelf life of Naturo products?

Naturo natural wet dog and cat food have a shelf life of 24 months.

How can Naturo's natural products stay fresh without adding preservatives?

Naturo wet food products have a unique cooking process.  Less cooking time is required, therefore, protecting the goodness of our ingredients.  This process could be compared to steam cooking. This is how we keep all our natural pet foods just that - completely natural and preservative free. 

Are Naturo natural pet foods Gluten free?

Naturo natural dog and cat recipes are formulated to be gluten free.  Our grain free recipes are cereal and gluten free and our recipes containing rice are also gluten free as rice, in all forms, does not contain gluten.

Is Naturo Pet Food Raw or Cooked?

Naturo Natural Wet dog and cat food is a cooked rather than a raw pet food. It is gently steam cooked within the tray and is best enjoyed by your pet when served at room temperature but can be warmed slightly in the microwave on those cold winter days.Guidance for warming Naturo Natural Wet Dog FoodTo warm, completely remove the foil and microwave for 35 – 45 seconds and leave to stand for 1 minute before serving. Check that the food is not too hot for your dog to eat.  Do not reheat. Consume within 12 hours after heating.Guidance for warming Naturo Natural Wet Cat FoodTo warm, completely remove the foil and microwave for 25 seconds and leave to stand for 1 minute before serving. Check that the food is not too hot for your cat to eat.  Do not reheat. Consume within 12 hours after heating.

How can I change my pet over to Naturo Natural Pet Food?

To switch from a different brand of pet food to Naturo's natural pet foods, gradually introduce Naturo over a 3-7 day period. You should do this by increasing the amount of Naturo whilst reducing the amount of your pet's old diet at each meal time until you are feeding only Naturo.

How much Naturo Natural Pet Food should I give my dog?

Please check the Naturo Feeding Guide to see the recommended daily amount for your dog.

Can you advise if there are any added sugars in your natural pet food?

There are no added sugars in the Naturo pet food range.  Naturo uses the best quality natural ingredients with no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

I have been alarmed about what goes into pet food. I have read that fats from erstaurants, left over from slaughter houses and lots of cereals, all deemed inedible for human consumption go into dog and cat goods. Can you confirm what is used is your natural pet foods?

All of our meats and fats in our natural pet food ranges come from animals fit for human consumption, which can be traced back to the source.  We work closely with all our suppliers, which are inspected before they are approved.  

I am currently feeding my pet a low quality food, Why should I change to Naturo's natural pet foods?

Health problems are more likely to develop on a low quality dog or cat food due to nutritional deficiencies. Feeding your pet a high quality food, such as Naturo, will help reduce that risk keeping your pet healthy throughout its life.

Are Naturo Natural Pet Foods suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Naturo range of hypoallergenic natural dog and cat food are made with 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colours, therefore this food is a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach.  However if your dog is allergic to a particular ingredient, specified by your vet, you should check the full list of ingredients, for Naturo dog food, to ensure that the product does not include this.Naturo is also available in Grain Free dog food recipes, for allergy sensitive dogs.

I see that Naturo contains vegetables in its natural dog food. How does this benefit my dog?

As with humans, vegetables provide essential natural fibre to promote healthy digestion and boost energy levels.

I see kelp in your list of natural dog food ingredients. What is kelp and what are its benefits?

Kelp is a seaweed which provides a natural source of fibre and has concentrated sources of minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine.

What are the benefits of Taurine in Naturo's Natural Cat Food?

Naturo natural cat food recipes all contain added Taurine, important for cats’ eyesight, heart function, bile formation and reproduction.

Is Naturo's natural cat food Grain Free?

Naturo is a natural Grain Free cat food. Grains can often cause allergies.  Naturo cat mousse also contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is 100% natural.

Does Naturo use recyclable packaging?

We strive to care for the environment. The plastic trays and cardboard sleeve are recycvlable however, the foil lid cannot be recycled. 

Can I freeze Naturo once opened?

There might not be a need to freeze Naturo products as the refrigerated storage of the opened product is 72 hours. Therefore any uneaten food can be placed in a sealed container in the fridge and served the next day. However the products can be frozen, we would recommend defrosting them thoroughly before feeding to the pet, although we would not suggest freezing as it may reduce the quality/appearance of the product once thawed.

Is Naturo Pet Food suitable for a dog or cat with kidney disease?

We are frequently asked to suggest a diet from our range to support dogs or cats with kidney disease. While there are several options, it is important to appreciate the main principles behind any dietary intervention for renal problems, in order to assist in choosing the best for any one individual. Renal (kidney) disease is always well advanced before the veterinary blood/urine tests can detect it, so all cases, even so-called 'mild/early' cases, are already significantly compromised. Over the last 20 years vets have developed diets which are capable of tripling life expectancy for these patients! That is absolutely stunning and is the reason pet owners should work closely with their vet to tailor the diet to their own pet's condition. The prescription diets which have been developed vary in their content and palatability but all have two main similarities: they are restricted in protein levels and they are very limited in the amount of phosphate delivered per meal. These two factors combine to give the tremendous results which can be achieved. It would be wrong of us to suggest therefore that any of our range should be first choice for any renal patient. The Naturo range is all very palatable and that is definitely a plus, so if a pet refuses to transition onto a specific prescription kidney diet then Naturo is a good second choice. If your pet refuses the vet diet, you can ask your vet for a phosphate binder, which can be added to Naturo to limit the level of phosphate absorbed. Your vet will be able to do blood tests to check it is effective and that the dose is correct for your pet. Frankly, we do not know exctly how effective such a compromise will be compared to the veterinary prescription tried-and-tested diets but needs must sometimes! All kidney patients must have free access to clean water at all times and indeed some do better on wet foods rather than dried, simply because they maintain better hydration levels that way. Each pet will diiffer in thirst levels but most are thirstier than normal because of their illness.  Quality of life and indeed life expectancy for renal patients is dramatically affected by nutrition, so please do keep an open channel of communication with your vet on these cases." As always we recommend speaking to your vet for advice on special diets and to understand what is the right choice for your dog and their individual needs.

Is Naturo Puppy Good suitable for weaning from mother?

Absolutely. The standard advice for weaning is to use a quality digestible food formulated for the early growth period, which in dogs is massively accelerated compared to that in babies. The Naturo Puppy food has all the growing pups need. 

I have mistakenly given your adult dog food to my puppy. How might this affect a young dog?

It is of course best to feed the best life stage diet possible, and our puppy food is better for the growing dog. We would expect no adverse consequence from the inadvertent use of a diet designed for a mature dog. If there is any doubt about your pup being well, please do have your vet examine for any signs of ill health. Better safe than sorry! 

Is Naturo suitable for dogs with pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis in dogs can be a painful condition, especially in the period immediately after eating. It is believed that restricting the fat/oil content of the food minimises this post-prandial discomfort. There are fully balanced complete veterinary prescription diets specifically designed for dogs with pancreatitis, but not all dogs will take those readily. It is possible to achieve the low fat requirement using Naturo petfood by aiming for a fat/crude oil level of around 7%. This means diluting the Naturo petfood with further carbohydrates such as potato, rice or pasta. A simple maths calculation will allow determination of amount of carbohydrate to add. For example if the wet food crude fat/oil level is 14% then mixing in carbohydrates at 50:50 will create a safe level.