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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Has Your Dog Got a Food Allergy?

You might be surprised to learn that food allergies are a common problem amongst dogs, but hypoallergenic dog food can help reduce the risk of your pet developing a food allergy.  Low quality dog food packed with artificial additives and chemicals are often the cause of these allergies.  In many cases, simply changing your dog’s food can eliminate such allergies.

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach?

Some dogs may suffer from a sensitive stomach due to food allergies.  Signs to look out for are: vomiting, diarrhoea, flatulence, regurgitation and stool problems.  Other health issues, resulting from food allergies, include inflammation of the ears, itchy and dry flaky skin.  If you suspect your dog has a food allergy it is essential you bring it to a vet to rule out any other medical reason that may be causing the condition.

Switching to Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

Once the food allergy condition is confirmed it is probably best to reassess your dog’s diet.  Switching to a high quality hypoallergenic dog food, such as Naturo natural dog food, is a good start.  Hypoallergenic dog foods are formulated to work with your pet’s digestive system and are made up of ingredients that are less likely to cause allergies, such as: beef, wheat, soya and dairy products. 
When switching your dog’s food there are several points to consider:

  • Introduce the new food over a period of time (follow the pet food manufacturer’s recommended time period). Increase the amount of new food while reducing the old food.  This is particularly important if the dog suffers from a sensitive stomach.
  • For dogs with sensitive stomachs, use an elevated dog bowl to aid digestion.

It may take two weeks or more before you start to notice an improvement in your dog’s condition once you've switched to hypoallergenic dog food, so give the food a chance before trying another.  Feeding a high-quality hypoallergenic dog food should lead to a healthier and happier dog!