How To Groom Your Dog

Dogs groom themselves by rubbing, rolling, licking their coats and chewing at matted fur. However it is important that we help in the grooming process. Grooming not only helps remove unwanted hair but also massages the skin and improves circulation. Depending on your dog's coat this should be a daily or weekly routine.

Grooming a Short Haired Dog

Short-haired coats will need less grooming than long-haired coats. Different breeds require alternative equipment. A smooth-haired short coat will need a rubber brush to loosen dead hair and a bristle brush to remove it. A dog with a short dense coat will benefit from a slicker brush to remove tangles. This should be followed by a bristle brush to lift the hair. The coat can be polished with a chamois cloth to bring out the shine.

Grooming a Long Haired Dog

Longhaired coats will need daily grooming. For a silky longhaired coat use a slicker brush to remove tangles and matts as well as a bristle brush to bring out the shine. Part the hair at the back of the coat and comb each side. Scissors can be used to trim any unwanted ends. Dogs with coarse longhaired coats should be groomed with a slicker brush, to remove tangles, followed by a pin brush. A wide-toothed comb should be used throughout the coat. The comb may also be used to brush out feathering on the tail of the dog. While most dogs moult their coat, there are some breeds that do not shed hair at all, for example, the poodle. Subsequently these breeds will need to be clipped. Some owners may have the expertise and equipment for clipping their dogs otherwise professional grooming services are available.