Preparing for a puppy

Becoming a puppy pawrent is a very exciting time, but it also means a lot of hard work! We have pulled together a few things to think about and what to expect and think about when welcoming a puppy into your home.

This list is not exhaustive, and we always recommend consulting your trusted vet if you have any questions or concerns.


The Essentials 

  • A bed; suitable to your dog breed’s size and somewhere warm and quiet
  • Two bowls; one for fresh water and one for food (psst, we do a puppy food!)
  • Grooming equipment
  • Safe, fun and stimulating toys
  • Puppies can like the security of a crate; so consider getting one and covering with a blanket slightly so they can hide here for peace and quiet when needed
  • Puppy toilet pads


Visiting your vet

Register your new puppy with your local, trusted vet. It is a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped, so your vet can help you with this. Your vet will also assist with all the necessary vaccinations, neutering, discuss insurance, and can give you some tips on puppy socialisation. Save your vet’s contact number and out of hours number for emergencies.

 beagle chewing boot

Puppy proofing

Make sure your home is safe for a puppy who can be prone to getting into a bit of mischief! Puppies are known to nibble, so make sure that your favourite shoes are stored away, cables are out of reach for them to gnaw through and expect your furniture to take the brunt too.

Keep dangerous foods, and chemical cleaners out of reach. Be mindful that your puppy may be able to get into your cupboards, so thinking about child proof locks may be a good idea.

In the bathroom keep razors, soap, cotton pads, shampoos, toilet roll out of reach! It is usually easier to try and keep your bathroom door closed to prevent badness in the bathroom.


Games and Training

Playing games with your puppy is a great way to bond with them, but also keep them psychically active and mentally stimulated.

It is important to start training your puppy as early as possible. Training your dog helps to keep them safe, helps you understand their needs better, and encourages better behaviour.

Training can be fun too, teaching your dog some tricks. We did a blog on that too!

puppy playing with  ball