Pet friendly tips for Self-Isolation

As we find ourselves in a situation we could not have predicted, weare all concerned about the health and well-being of our families, friends, neighbours and employees and what the future holds for us. The Pet Parents here at Naturo are trying to stay positive and relying on our furry companions to help us stay upbeat and distracted from the worry surrounding us everywhere. We thought we would share with you what we are doing at this time, hoping it might give you some relief from 'self-isolation frustration'! 


Explore new places

While practicing safe social distancing measures, we are taking our dogs to wide, open spaces at least twice a day to help them keep fit and healthy. We are also gaining the added advantage of keeping our physical and mental health in check. We are visiting parks, forest and riverside walks we would not usually frequent which also introduces new sensory experiences for our companions. Incorporating new smells helps keep their brains active and engaged.

According to the World Health Organisation, there is no evidence that cats or dogs can be infected with the Coronavirus. However, to err on the side of caution and be safe, Naturo’s Pet Parents are limiting who can touch their cats or dogs as their fur may be able to carry the virus like other surfaces. We think it is better to be safe than sorry.

Games at Home

Following government advice, we are limiting contact with other humans, meaning some of our office staff are working from home. Shhhh - don’t tell the boss, but we are taking advantage of this by leaving our laptops and spending 1 on 1 time with our furry companions; we can’t get enough of play time and cuddles! 

There are some great indoor games we are playing with our cats and dogs while entertaining the kids at the same time. 

  • If your dog knows how to'stay', put them in the living room and make them sit while you and the kids go hide. 
  • 'Find the Treats' is a crowd pleaser. Using bits of kibble or your dog’s favourite treat, have your dog sit while you (or the kids) hide treats around the home. To get started it will be easier to ‘hide’ the treat in plain sight until they get used to the idea.  
  • For the braver amongst us we are teaching our dogs to put away their toys, with more success than we are having with the kids! Be warned, this takes a lot of patience and praise.
  • Our cat parents have been playing 'Chase the Prey', by pulling toys on string, stopping momentarily to mimic how an animal might in the wild – to encourage their cat’s stalk and pounce skills.
  • Using the recycling tub, some have enlisted the help of the kids to make a obstacle course / make shift playground. Think cereal boxes to jump on top of, toilet roll tubes to push about and scrumpled up news paper to kick and have your cat chase. 
  • Try catching light with a watch, a CD or another reflective item. Bounce it low onto a wall, a floor or another safe surface. Avoid laser pointers, as they can cause damage to your cat’s eyes. Also, chasing something that can never be caught can frustrate your cat. Make sure to switch to a catchable toy before playtime is over.

Food for Furry Friends

We continue to buy cat and dog food as normal, without panic buying as currently there is no evidence to suggest there will be a shortage of pet food. It is important to allow access to pet food for all shoppers. 

You would be forgiven for thinking we are not panic buying because we work for a company who makes high quality, natural and healthy cat and dog food! However, IF cat and dog food run out it will not be there to buy regardless who we work for. 

We are in constant contact with our raw material and packaging suppliers and there are no concerns that there will be any delays or shortages. Naturo Petfoods have taken additional health and safety measures to keep our employees safe so we can continue to make cat and dog food.  If for some reason this situation changes, we will alert you immediately, so 'Keep Calm and Buy Responsibly'!


As this situation is so fast moving, we are keeping up to date with how we can be responsible by following official government advice. We urge you to keep yourselves, families and furry companions healthy and safe by doing the same.