Fueling Dog Holidays

We were delighted when Atlee, one of the UK’s most loved dog bloggers from Phileas Dogg who’s prone to jetting off on the odd dog holiday or two, decided to give Naturo’s natural dog food a try in our 30 day challenge.

To mark Shakespeare’s birthday, Atlee and his owner Jane took a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon with their Naturo natural dog food all packed for the journey. Jane said: “Atlee’s a Battersea rescue dog who’s now 7 years old. Because we travel around so much I needed a food that’s very portable – something you can just open and serve.” Much to Atlee’s delight, Jane had lots of walking planned on this particular dog holiday.

Joined by Jane’s friend, Apricot, the three set off on the route that Shakespeare is known to have taken when travelling between Stratford-upon-Avon and London. Staying in dog friendly hotels, Atlee was fuelled with a breakfast of our natural dog food - Duck, Rice and Vegetables (Atlee’s personal favourite, we’re told!) “One of the things that I liked about it is you can actually see that there’s vegetables in it.” Atlee blazed along the trails with Jane and Apricot trying to keep up! There were no need for rest stops, unless of the bathroom variety – putting her best ‘Gillian McKeith’ hat on Jane reported that Atlee’s poos were nice and healthy! A great sign of a diet fuelled by natural dog food. We’ll leave you with the most important review of all – from Atlee himself! “I am in no need of catching my breath, what with all the good stuff in my Naturo charging through my body. Here’s the science bit, Jane says I have to do the science bit, it’s 60% duck, 20% brown rice, 15% vegetables and the rest is vitamins, oil and minerals. It’s 100% Natural, it proclaims on the pack which I thought might make it boring-bones. But it’s not boring-bones. It’s exciting-bones, as there are little pieces of rice and vegetables in it!”